Here we go again….

If you’re reading this, it’s too late. 

I’ve decided to start up my very own blog. (Again?) I had one before but it only lasted a few entries. I guess I just felt uninteresting and so my 18 year old self left that blog in the dust. 

But now I’m 20-almost-21-years old and although I feel like people still don’t really care about what I have to say, I’m also in a phase where I don’t care (as much) what people think about me. So ha. If you think I’m vain or precocious for writing a blog entirely about my life and my family and my journey then there are plenty of other blogs about hair or quinoa or oceans for you to read, instead. Lovely, nice blogs. But if you’re reading this blog and haven’t ran away yet, please don’t expect everything to be lovely, or nice. Because mostly my life is messy and my brain is mushy and my hair is tangled and although people seem to think my life is really simple it couldn’t be anything but. 

I’m living a very real life, of a 20 year old who has crazily decided to create an identity for herself in an industry that tireless attempts to strip you of that identity. I have a crazy family(I’ll introduce them in a later post) who has decided to join me for the ride. I’m in a band with my 3 younger sisters and I have two great parents that support our huge wild dreams. I live a great unpredictable exciting life but that doesn’t mean it’s at all easy. Nothing great comes easy right? (Laughs nervously) 

Anyways, here we go again. 

(To be continued) (because it’s a blog, obviously) 



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