Halloween 2015 (It rhymes!) 

Theres this funny quote that goes “Being a mom means starting the day feeling like Mary Poppins and ending it feeling like Cruella but De Vil.” Haha! That’s actually exactly how I usually feel. Except I’m not a Mom I’m a big sister and I don’t want to make anyone into fur coats (maybe just donate my siblings to a new good home). 

This Halloween I became the character embodiment of how I feel after a road trip or long band practice or basically  any extended amount of time spent with my crazy sisters. I was Cruella De Vil! 

My costume was easy enough. I don’t like spending a whole lot of money on Halloween costumes. I mean, I probably would if I had tons of extra money to spend, but I don’t, so I get uncomfortable if anything costs too much. The most expensive thing I bought was the wig I wore, half white and half black. It costed 16 dollars at the Spirit Store and we had a coupon. Not to shabby. I also bought some cheap fishnet stockings and a white feather boa. I paired it with some other things I had around my house…. A black dress I’ve had for years, a red vintage coat I got at Goodwill two months ago for 6 bucks, red pumps, ands pearly necklace. It took me roughly 45 minutes to pin down my crazy hair enough to fit under the small wig. The most dramatic part of my costume was my makeup. I spent about 2 hours on it! Yay for going all out on Halloween makeup! I had to cover up my eyebrows and draw on cartoonish ones….lots of purple and green eyeshadow, and I contoured the heck out of my face. In the end I feel like it turned out really well! It’s nice when something in your head works out in real life!  

 I was obsessed with my sisters costumes. They’re so cute. My 19 yr old sister Ella and my 13 year old sister bo-Pah went as matching sister ponies from My Little Pony, Princess Celestial and Princess Luna. They were super into it and started planning their costumes over a month before Halloween. They looked great!  

    And of course in total Mimi fashion, Mimi was SpongeBob for Halloween. Her goal is always to be warm and comfy and she looked so dang cute I wanted to squeeze her. With love, obviously.  

Holidays are always so fun in my house: my family is big on traditions and so there is always something to look forward to. Holidays are familiar and comfortable and it’s the sort of thing us Sledges live for. 

This year we carved pumpkins the night before Halloween and watched classic movies….The Twilight Zone, Corpse Bride, Halloween Town. I stayed up with my Mom and we watched Sinister late at night. (We both slept in the living room after that hahaha) The next night, Halloween, we all spent a long time getting dressed up. My mom helped my sisters with their makeup and made the house lit up and festive. I could hear my dad laying on the couch talking about Twilight Zone on TV. He loves time travel and one of the episodes reminded him of Back to the Future. Little moment are the best moments. 

We got pizza and ate candy until it felt our brains might rot and then went trick or treating. My mom thought it might be better to go to the next city over because there would be more candy…..but that was a lie. A LIE! The street literally looked abandoned. I joked that it felt like an episode of the Twilight Zone….the street was dark and empty, where was everyone? Was it even Halloween? Or did we get the date wrong and wind up that weird group of sisters wandering the streets at night? After knocking on a few doors to no avail, we decided to move on and go a few streets over. Finally! Lights! Children! Maybe it was Halloween after all! We trick or treated for a while. Even me, and I don’t like trick or treating. I get weird looks for being too old and I  get cold  and I don’t need the extra candy anyways and I’d  rather stay at home and watch scary movies. But I go every year because my sisters want me too, and I adore them. I adore when someone grabs my hand when they get scared and I adore singing loudly as we walk down the street and I adore seeing the decorations at night time. 

After we had walked around for an hour or so, we still didn’t have a lot of candy. Nothing like the bags of candy we would lug in when our dad would take us trick or treating when we were small and lived in Florida. Our mom took us to target, so that we could buy candy instead of earn it. (She’s awesome) We bought more than we needed and then went home. 

Mimi has a Halloween Party every year, either the day before Halloween or on Halloween itself. So this year, when we got home, we went into her room and watched a horrible but unexplainably amusing movie “RL Stines A Cabinet of Souls”. We laughed our heads off. It took us over 2 hours to get through the movie because it was so bad/good/horrible that we would pause it and rewind it just to laugh and play it again. We ate Tostinos pizza rolls and drank sparkling cider and ate our right from the tin. We shrieked and giggled until tears formed in the corners of our eyes. Then we all slept over together in Mimi’s and bo-Pahs shared room. 

I love my crazy family. I had one of the best halloweens I’d had in a long while. So much fun. 

Hope everyone else had a great weekend as well. 🙂

-Love Keiko


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