Great Interview for Sledge Grits Band on KFIAM 640

Hi everybody!

My band and I had the absolute pleasure of being on the Mo’ Kelly Show on sunday! A great talk show on KFIAM 640 broadcast on iHeart radio. It is the largest talk radio show in the country. We were very honored to be invited on to perform!

The interview was fun, and went very smoothly. We performed our brand new single “Am What I Am” and a cover “Summertime” acoustically. They also played the studio version of Am What I Am. Hearing the song on the radio is so amazing and surreal. I can’t wait until its playing on every station in the world!

Here is the link to the audio from the interview if you guys want to hear it. (CLICK HERE) Not to pat ourselves on the back, haha, but it really was a great interview. An hour long, we were able to talk about musical influences, how we got started, family, and more.

Please reblog this post with your family and friends if you enjoyed it! 🙂

Love, Keiko



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