Adele-When We Were Young-Cover 

Hey everyone!

My sister Mimi and I filmed a cover yesterday of “When We Were Young” by Adele. It’s a beautiful song and it was nice to perform our own rendition of it!

It’s always so fun to film with Mimi.  Sometimes it’s stressful, too. I have to set up the lights and tripod, get dressed up and do my makeup, clean the area we will be filming at, clear space on my phone(unfortunately I don’t have a camera so I film on my iPhone 5)…..then we film. That can go really fast or take an eternity. We have worked on one song for 7  hours before. SEVEN HOURS. By that point my fingers are dying and Mimi’s voice is squeaking and I’m grouchy and the song that I loved when we started is now the song I’d be happy to never hear again in my life. It gets harder the longer you film because the lyrics and chords jumble  up in your head and you make stupid mistakes.  A lot of times we are trying beat out some of the other youtubers to posting a new song. That means more views  if you get a song up early enough, catching wind in a bottle. But if you don’t know a song well enough yet, it often means take after take until you get it right. If we have sufficient time to practice, things are great! But if we are trying to get a cover up the same day as the song came out then it’s gonna take a bit of effort.

Luckily yesterday’s filming was amazingly easy. We got it right on the first take and then did a 2nd time to be sure. We ended up posting the 2nd take because it was a bit stronger. My dang 16g iPhone ran out of film at the end of the take and so I had to edit the ending a bit, but it still turned out great. After we film the main part of the video, we usually film the intro/outro and goof off for a few minutes with the film running for outtakes. Then it’s time to edit for me. It usually takes me 2 hours to edit a cover and export it. Then it’s ready for youtube! Easy as pie! **laughs nervously** Not easy but worth it!

Mimi and I have done covers together for years now. As stressful as it can be, we both have fun hanging out together and we both like working really hard and seeing reactions to our videos. She’s great to work with and sounds amazing no matter what song we are working on.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the cover! Please subscribe to our channel if you’d like!

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