My Thoughts on the American Music Award 2015


Who watched the AMA’s this year? It really was a great show. I loved the performances, and J-Lo did a great job hosting. I loved what she said in her opening speech, about her watching the show since she was a little girl and how she is living her dream of performing and hosting the show. She said that she hopes she is inspiring other girls all over the world to someday perform on the AMAs as well. I am that girl! So are my sisters. For me, it was another year watching from home in my pjs, **sick**, drinking tea and screaming/dancing at my my television. I was blessed to be able to go to an AMA’s pre party, but I wasn’t able to go to the filming of the actual show. I teared up a little at what J-Lo said, because I really would give so much to be on the American Music Awards stage. Even just to be in the audience would be a dream come true. But these are the moments that keep us working, right? Because I know that since I’m at home working, someday I’ll get to that stage too. 🙂

While I was watching the show, I was live tweeting from @sledgegritsband and @keikosledge  but I also was taking notes so I could blog about it! So if you are interested in hearing my random thoughts about tonights show, then keep reading! (If not, then why are you even here haha?)

J-Lo’s Performance and Opening speech

What the heck. That woman is 46 years old and looks better than I do. **Thinks to self that I should probably work out more**  **Also thinks that I should continue learning to dance** So fun to see all the top songs in one intricate opening performance! She probably rehearsed for months for that. Amazing. We had so many songs about booties top the charts this year. Maybe our band should write a song about butts. Maybe not. I do wish she would’ve “hit the quan” or done “whip nae nae” just for fun but oh well. Everything else was great. Did anyone notice one of the background dancers ripped her pants and her nude underwear were flashed?? Poor girl! Props to her for continuing to dance like nothing happened! I love what she said about watching the AMAs as a little girl. I’m that girl now, all my sisters are. I want to be there so bad! I love her pink dress she wore, it was my favorite outfit all night! She looked so genuine and happy to be onstage.


I love 5sos. I always find myself rooting for them, even though I don’t know much about them. Good to see another young pop rock band doing great things. Good stage presence too. Oh and its good to see a comeback of Michaels red hair. The way he changes his hair all the time reminds me of Haley from Paramore and of our own Ella. I love the faces that Ashton makes on the drums. Calum looks so sweet, and I love Luke’s lip ring. Funny that I just said I don’t know much about them, and yet I know each member by name.

Selena Gomez

THOSE LEGS. THAT HAIR. I can’t, she’s too beautiful. “Same Old Love” has definitely been one of my favorite songs of the year, and that was definitely one of my favorite performances she has done so far. Selena seems like the sweetest thing. And she’s not much older than me,  I think she’s 23? I’d love to meet her some day.

Nicki Minaj presented, she looks beautiful and has a cute laugh.

One Direction’s thank you speech

Oh good, Harry changed his pants. He’s cute no matter what he wears, though. His curls are gorgeous. He’s so bae. **Ew I just said bae. Oh well** Niall has the cutest laugh! And his face turns red when he laughs which is so adorable. Apparently Im obsessed with laughs.

Carrie Underwood

I hadn’t heard this song until this performance. The lyrics are really cute. I love country lyrics, always so thoughtful and amazing. Her red dress is gorgeous. I love the stage set up. Simple but stunning. The reds really match her dress. I wonder if she has on hair extensions or if her hair is really that fabulous. Anyways, she’s beautiful.

Demi Lovato

Honestly, not the biggest fan of this song ‘Confident’, but I love her, and I have since her Disney days. I wish she would have performed ‘Cool For The Summer’, but technically it’s autumn now, so maybe this song makes more sense. Wow, she looks so good! Love the short black hair. It’s been so nice to watch her grow up throughout the years. She looked so confident and she definitely owns the stage. I’ve got to get on her confidence level. Those notes that she hits are superhuman. Get it girl.

The muppets spoof commercial for Hello by ADELE  was so cute! Miss Piggy and Kermit are definitely OTP. 

Meghan trainer

“Like Im Gonna Lose You” was definitely one of my favorite songs of the year. She’s an amazing song-writer, I’d love to work with her someday.

Meghan and Charlie Puth after ‘Let’s Marvin Gaye and Get It On’….what the heck was that? Are they dating or what?!! I half jokingly screamed “Oh, get a room”,  they were really “getting it on”. (Get it? See what I did there?) So I googled it, apparently them making out on live tv was NOT a sign they were dating. Apparently that’s just their thing. They make out as part of their stage show. That’s cool I guess. I personally would be awkarded out full french-kissing someone at the AMA’s but to each their own haha!

Ariana Grande

What the actual heck. That was amazing! I wasn’t the hugest fan of ‘Focus’  before that performance but wow! It opened with her singing slowlyyyyy, and no one can deny her vocal talent goes far beyond her years. The gloves, the outfits…. She looked so dang cute, hit high notes only an angel can, and wow legs for daysssss. I loved the stage show as well. It just looked really professional and rehearsed, every note, every moment on stage, every innocent little glance, really amazing.

One Direction

Awe, so proud of the boys. I love the song “Perfect”. (I know that some people hold issue to some of the lyrics… I personally think the boys are singing about not being able to be a perfect boyfriend because they tour so much…not that they are acknowledging that they just suck at being boyfriends. It’s just entertainment, people)  They all looked so cute and sounded so good. I’m really going to gonna miss them when they go on break for the next 2 years. I hope the rumors about them breaking up aren’t true. I love these boys. **fangirls**  I was dancing around the room and totally jamming out.

Gwen Stefani

So sad…. The lyrics obviously mean a lot to her, with the divorce and everything she’s been through. She always looks great. I hope I look that good in my 40’s.

Nick Jonas

Joe Jonas /DNCE introducing Nick was so cute. “We have been a fan of this next performer his whole life” I died, so sweet! Good to see brothers who support each other. I’ve been a fan of the Jonas Brothers since I was 10 haha, **aka he was one of my first ever celebrity crushes** so we have all grown up together.

Nick  Jonas sounded really good. His voice has gotten so strong throughout the years. I loved his drum solo, he really killed it. He showed so much personality and confidence on the stage, I think he did a great job. He’s become such a strong performer and amazing artist. **I miss his curly hair but he still looks great**

Walk The Moon 

They sounded really good live, really impressed by the energy.

The shot to Ari dancing with her grandma and brother during the performance was so cute.

It was so sweet when Ari won for best pop/rock female vocalist and dedicated the win to her Nonna. She’s so cute and always looks beautiful. **Thinks to self I should probably get a spray tan, Im so pale right now, especially because I’m sick. Her tan looks great.** Scooter Braun was so sweet hugging Ari, it’s so great how excited he gets when his artists are successful. I loved his reaction for Justin as well.


Their performance was good. I’d never heard of that song until they performed it. The colorful stage show was nice. I’d love to perform with them someday.

The Weeknd

He had a great performance of “The Hills”. Love that song. I know that he’s been in the game for a while, but ever since Earned It(50 Shades of Grey soundtrack) he has been killing it in the mainstream arena. I love all his new singles. Although every time I see him, I want to fit his hair because, it is off center. The stage was gorgeous. I’d be scared of performing with all that fire though, with me and my sisters hair.  Have you seen the video of Michael from 5SOS catching on fire during a performance? Scary stuff.


I can’t understand why**not naming any names** when the camera pans to the audience, how certain celebrities look so dang bored. Like, if you are that uninterested I will GLADLY take your spot. I would sell my left toe to be performing/winning awards/watching the show, etc…

Also, I miss seeing taylor swift. I love seeing her dance in the audience. I know people hate on her for being an awkward dancer, but she is having the time of her life at every show, and that’s what is important!

Skrillex is so perfectly awkward, love him, loved his thank you speech….

Little big Town Karen  and Luke Colab

I need Karens boots, those are gorgeous. Luke Bryan has so much swag, He seems so confident. No wonder all the girls like him haha.

**I wonder what our stage show would be like if we ever performed at the AMAs. I hope there would be a lot of colors and confetti. How do you get through a performance without crying from excitement?? **

Side note: Remember that year Harry Styles found an orange and was just eating it in the audience? So cute. Why is he so cute.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Haven’t heard this song yet but there are a lot of powerful lyrics in there.And he raps with a lot of conviction

Fall Out Boy

How is this only Fall out boys first AMA? They’ve been around 15 years. I hope I don’t have to wait 15 years for my first AMA. Although I’d be really freaking happy to have 1/2 of the success they do. The girls of 5th Harmony looked gorgeous when they presented Fall Out Boy.

Demi and Alanis

So cool to see two generations of music together, especially considering that Demi was likely around 3 years old when this song (You Oughta Know) came out!


Celine Dion

Celine Dion’s performance was so beautiful. My sister Ella started crying. So many people in the crowd were crying too. It’s so touching to see people come together in hard times. All of America, all of the world, should stand by Paris. If good can shine through and stand together, then evil will never win.


So talented, how do they even make those sounds with their mouths? So amazing to see a singing group be as successful as they are. The orchestra sounded breathtaking. Oh, to be in that room right now! I remember watching Star Wars when I was little, can’t wait for the new movie.

Side note: Who writes these introductions though? Mr. Wonderful and Miss America: “Spoken like a true shark?” What the heck was that? Miss America is stunning though.

Justin Bieber, Finale

Justin is someone I can’t help but rooting for. I know he has been through a lot, and I’m glad he has been able to have such a successful comeback. He is so talented for being so young. He’s only a year older than I am. It’s hard to balance his fame and the craziness that goes into this life, and I respect that he was able to get his life back on track. Seeing him on stage today,  he seemed emotional, and was crying at the end. The music obviously means a lot to him. He sounded great. His tone is so sweet, he did good dancing, he looks great. And that water raining onto the stage!! Oh goodness how I wish I was there! It looks like a giant slip-n-slide! So proud of Justin tonight.

All in all, I think my favorite performers were Ariana Grande, One Direction and Justin Bieber. They all did an amazing job.

Anyways, all in all it was a fantastic show! I loved most of the performances, and I think 2015 was a great year in music. Can’t wait until I’m at the AMAs, myself. I’m shooting for next year, but I’ll definitely be there someday.

What did you guys think of this years show? Who was your favorite performer? Comment below!

Check out the full list of tonight’s winners here:



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