Our First Music Video

I can’t believe it!

Our first ever music video is finally coming out, February 19th 2016!!
Making a music video is one of those things I’d always looked forward to doing. If you dream of having a career in music, I don’t think there is one person who can say they haven’t imagined what it must be like to be in a music video! I know that when my sisters and I watch music videos, we dissect them in our heads. “How big of a budget do you think it took to make this?” “The acting in that one was really good.” “The acting in that one kinda sucked, but the song is great” “Imagine if you had to do that….pretend to be in love with someone you hardly know.” “Oh look! That looks like so much fun to film!”

When it came time to film our music video, we pre-dissected that too. “What do you think it will be like?” “What should the video look like?” “What demographic are we trying to reach?” “What personalities do we want to portray?” And the not so important but still very important question “WHAT DO WE WEAR??” (Being a group of 4 girls, we thought about that a lot)



I thought about it so much that it hardly felt real. That’s kinda what I do. Overthink everything and try to be a realist about the outcome until I see the finished product. So when the day finally came to shoot, I was excited, but nervous. There is a lot that goes into shooting a music video. I think sometimes people view an artists work (may it be a music video, or song or album, or whatever) and don’t realize what goes into it. It takes you, the viewer, 4 minutes to watch a music video. But it took days to weeks to months of planning for the artist/their team to get that video ready for you to view. 

Weeks prior to us filming, we started looking for a production company who shared our vision for the video. We wanted someone who understood that we wanted to showcase the fact that we are a band in the video. Stripped down, nothing cheesey, and something that showed that we play our own instruments. We had several meetings with the company to make sure they were a fit. There is budgeting involved.  How much, as a new artist, can you afford to pay for the video? As a new artist a music video is extremely important to your branding and overall success. But at the same time, you likely won’t have the same budget as a larger artist, say a Taylor Swift.(She recently shot her video for Out Of The Woods on location in New Zealand. Lucky!)  Most professional music videos range from 20,000-500,000$, with some videos reaching a 7 figure budget.  As a new artist, you need to figure out how to make less money go farther.

You also have to think about outfits. It seems silly, but it’s an important part of the process. The colors you wear don’t have to match, but they have to work together. There is shopping to do, organizing the outfits, packing them up.  We also have to think: How does each of our styles portray our individual personalities?  How do we want our hair and makeup? 

Then there’s practicing the song. Making sure we can move comfortably on the set while performing the song. Playing/singing and dancing around takes a lot of practice. 

That’s all just before the shoot! (And there is more that had to be done) The day of the shoot was even more hectic. We woke up, packed our instruments, packed our clothes, makeup, jewelry, our dads wheelchair, lotions, hair products, and anything else we thought we might need.  We drove about an hour and a half to where were shooting. We got  to the set around 11. We all rushed to get ready, change clothes, fix up hair, get our makeup done by the makeup artist, do our own touch ups, help set up our equipment, etc. We also got to meet some of the incredible extras that were going to be a part of the video! Everyone was so sweet and professional.

Then it was time to start filming! We had an absolute blast. The director had us do a bunch of different shots. Group shots, individual shots, shots with the extras, shots of B-roll footage, with instruments from many different angles. It was fun but exhausting! We moved around to the same song for hours, trying to give it our all every take. I was definitely ready to go home and sleep by the end. We shot until around 9pm. 

All in all it was an amazing eperience! You only get to do your very first music video one time! And it will definitely be a day I’ll remember forever. I’m so glad I got to experience it with my sisters, and  with my parents who were on set the entire time.

We are VERY proud of how the video came out! It feels like a big step in a great direction! It feels incredible to have something so professional to show the fans who have been so supportive throughout our journey!

I hope everyone loves the video as much as we do. This is just the start of a very exciting path! 

 Ps….please help out my band by sharing our video to support!  Click here to watch


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