Yay, I Made It Through 21 Years of Awkwardness

So it’s officially official.  I made it through 21 years of awkwardness, clumsiness, dorkiness, and all around weirdo-dom. 

In other words: Im officially “legal”…. Im 21!! 🙂 Well, I have been as of February 11th. But I’ve just been too busy being legally drunk over the past 2 months to write about it. ((TOTALLY JUST JOKING lol. I’m like an old lady when it comes to partying….)) I’m just a little slow to the punch making a blog post about it. But anyways, I wanted to tell you guys all about how my experience has been being 21! It’s been lots of fun!


First things first: First drinking experience. So you might not believe me when I say this, but I did actually wait until I was 21 to have my first drink. Yep. Not even lying. When I say this, most people look at me and then look over to my mom and then back to me and wink and say “Sureeeeee”.  And I say “No really.” And they say “Ok yeah sureeee.” Even family members have done this to me! I think everyone is just so used to people drinking underage that they sort of expect it. And I don’t want you guys to think I’m trying to be all high and mighty by saying I didn’t drink until I was legal, because I’m not at all. I don’t want a cookie or an award. I just always thought waiting would make actually being 21 more special.  And I love being different.

So when the wee hours of my 21st birthday began, I was SO excited. I also had a lot of questions. WOULD I LIKE ALCOHOL? WOULD I HATE IT? HOW MANY DRINKS WOULD IT TAKE TO MAKE ME FEEL LOOPY? WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GET A HANGOVER?  

I took my first shot at midnight. A birthday cake shot: Whipped cream flavored vodka mixed with Bailys Irish Cream, with frosting and sprinkles on the edge of the shot glass. My family counted down 3-2-1!!!!! and I tried to take the shot in one gulp. It was messy and made me cough a bit but it was delicious! And that’s how the night started! We watched movies and I stayed up with my Dad and sister until like 4am. I took more than a few more shots that night. I won’t say how many, but I definitely drank a little too much. As excited as I was to drink, my dad was even more excited to be able to drink with me for the first time. So I stayed up late and got a little carried away. I definitely felt very yucky afterwards. I felt sick, and by the time I went to bed, I  remember thinking over and over “NEVER AGAIN!!”  The funny thing is, the total nerd in me actually took notes on my phone about the whole experience. I documented it. **Not even kidding** (Things like: 1pm, I’ve had 3 shots so far, feeling a little dizzy, but so far so good. 2pm, what a weird feeling, this feels so odd) And I made a voice recording of myself too, just in case I drank too much that I didn’t remember it the next day. **I definitely did remember everything though haha** I’d just never drank before so I totally didn’t understand my limits yet. But let me tell you….That recording is pretty funny. That’s how my night went! It was fun and it was nice to be home and experience it all with my parents and sister.

The morning after: I felt prettyyyyyy bad. I mean, I knew that people get headaches the day after drinking. But I was totally and completely naive about the nausea. Ew. I slept in late and then I went out to lunch with my mom. We went to Red Robin and I had a big burger and fries. We walked around the mall for a while and talked.

At night, we went to BJ’s and I ate another burger and ordered my first drink with my newly-official ID. It felt pretty nice. I got a strawberry mojito and it was delicious. When we got home after dinner I still felt really yucky and I fell asleep pretty early on the couch, makeup still on and all. I think it was a pretty fun birthday.

Birthday Month: My family and I did some pretty fun things for my birthday throughout the month. We tried to do something small each day for the rest of the month. We ate a lot of yummy food and watched a lot of movies at home. I got to try a few different mixed drinks at home. I did some things like go to see Deadpool in the theaters and pick out little trinkets from the Japanese store and go to Olive Garden to eat.

I also went to the club for the first time on the day after my birthday. I bought a few tickets to go on a organized “club crawl”. A small group of friends and I went to four different bars and clubs and got a free drink at each place. It was a blast! It was just fun to experience it all with a few friends and have a good time.

One of my friends came into town a few weeks after my birthday, and to celebrate my birthday he took me wine tasting for the first time. Soooo fun. We went to Temecula, which was gorgeous. It was so relaxing and it was nice to be able to taste the different wines and see what I liked. I learned that I really enjoy wine, actually. I sort of crave it a lot now haha. Yum.

VEGAS, baby! I also got to go to Vegas with my mom. She’s been telling me that she would take me to Vegas for my 21st for a few years. So we made it a weekend road trip! We left on Saturday afternoon and drove straight into Vegas! We listened to music and chatted and got some food. When we pulled in, we met up with my fun auntie Banana and her family. I took my first shot in Vegas right away. It was straight Vodka. Vegas-style-expensive and to me, very strong. I had no idea how to drink it which was pretty hilarious. When we got to the hotel room,  I got dressed up and ready to go dancing.  My Auntie brought me a tiara and sash. It was adorable and matched my dress really  well. We took lots of pics and then headed out on the town! We went to Coyote Ugly and danced! They hostess’ saw my birthday crown and sash and pulled me up onto the stage. I was embarrassed at first, but it was hilarious, and I got up and danced and had a great time. It’s not something that I would usually do, but I figured, it’s my birthday, what the heck. After a while, we left and went to the Hard Rock Cafe and ate some food. Then we went back to the hotel room, exhausted and fell asleep.

The next day, we went to the aquarium which was SO fun! There is a beautiful shark exhibit and I took my time reading all the signs and I learned a lot. We ate at a buffet after that, pure Vegas-style. And we walked around the city and took pictures and  saw the hotels and all the crazy night-life. It was a long and fun day.

The last day, Monday, we were supposed to visit my grandparents, who live in Nevada. But my sister called us from home and said that our cat, Kimba, was acting lethargic and not eating. My family at home was really worried, so we rushed back. I was disappointed that our trip was cut so short and that we didn’t get to see my grandparents, but I was glad that we got to get home and make sure our cat-baby was ok. (After a very expensive vet bill, he was fine)

So basically, that’s how my birthday went! It was fun and memorable. Cheers to being 21.  🙂

Ps.) I also really quickly just want to say, if there are any younger people reading this, to please be careful!  I see a lot of really young people drinking, and then making bad choices because of it, all the time. This sounds so cheesy, but it is perfectly acceptable to wait to be 21 to drink. You should’t feel left out or like a “square” for not drinking. You can have sooooo much fun without alcohol. And then when you’re 21, it’s a different type of fun. I just want everyone to be safe. 🙂

Hope everyone is having a good Friday!




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