Midnight Thoughts and Peppermint

It’s 12:35 am, and I’m wide awake and sipping on peppermint tea. Usually my best thoughts happen when the sun goes down, but tonight my brain just feels like a mess.

I was watching a lot of music videos by one of my favorite new artists, Melanie Martinez. At only 20 years old, she is an artist in every sense of the word. As a songwriter, I truly appreciate what she does with words. She is clever and her material is so incredibly original. Her music definitely has a different sound, but it’s the good type of different, the addicting kind. Her style is eclectic, her social media matches her brand, her music videos are unique and powerful. I love her. (You can listen to her brilliant song “Sippy Cup” here)

So anyways I’m watching her and studying her and just thinking about what it takes to be a true artist like that. To know what you want, and who are, and to ask for that.  To not care who buys your music as long as you are happy with the art you are putting out.

I think it all comes down to not being afraid of who you are or what other people think about you. You have to embrace what makes you unique, because that is what separates you from any other artist.

Knowing who you are is hard. But, what is even harder than knowing who you are, is being who you are. It’s easy to know. It’s harder to be.

These days everyone wants to tell you who to be. What to do. How to dress. How to live. Girls are constantly compared to other girls. Boys are too. Musicians are judged for doing what they love. Parents are judged for how they raise their kids. I guess it’s always been this way. But with social media being so incredibly relevant in 2016, it is not just your family or parents or teachers trying to mold you, it is the whole world.

In a world where we are crave good music, we are completely suffocating it.

If you are reading this, don’t let anyone manipulate your artistry. It doesn’t matter if you are a musician, or just a human being. Every step you make, every word you speak, every thought you design is your artistry. Don’t let other people take the credit for your ideas. Don’t let anyone make you feel like what you know to be true in your heart is wrong. Don’t let the world change you.

This is something that I am currently trying to remind myself. I am my own person, Dare I say it, a young adult, even.  With my own thoughts and ideas and values. I am in charge of my own destiny. I have the most important say in my own decisions.

So as artists, and as  ‘Human Beans’, we all need to learn that sometimes you have to pull a Dobby (from Harry Potter) and scream “DOBBY IS A FREE ELF” at the haters, drop the mic, and then do whatever the heck you want to do.

Anyways it’s now 1:11am and I have to wake up early tomorrow. So I’m going to try to go back to bed. Good night. -Cake



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