Acting Headshots 

Hi guys! I just wanted to take a second to show you guys my new acting headshots. I’m so excited to have finally gotten them done! It was actually a very fun experience. I was pretty stressed out before I went….I had woken up late, and I was running behind. And I haven’t taken professional […]


Hi! I’m absolutely in love with this striped dress and comfy cardigan from Runway Seven. We were Christmas shopping at the mall and taking photos for our Christmas card, and so I wanted to be comfy but still feel cute! This was perfect. The dress is such great quality and the cardigan is oversized but […]

Where Are You, Christmas?

*Disclaimer* These are my true feelings about Christmas this year. My family might not want to read this, I don’t want to make anyone upset. Yesterday, when I was in the passenger seat of the car driving home from downtown Los Angeles, I heard the song “Where Are You Christmas” play on the radio. I had […]

Our New Songwriting Project! 

Recently Facebook has really been cracking down on pulling down “copyright infringements” from artists pages. This includes cover versions of songs. This has really been affecting us, because we have been forced to take down covers that we worked really hard on-some with close to a million views! They’re threatening to block us from our […]

Happy Birthday Mama

Happy Birthday Mama!  I love you I love you I love you I love you  You mean the world, no, the universe to me. You are my rock, my role model, my confidante…. I couldn’t imagine life without you. I hope you had a good birthday. I know life is really rough right now, so […]

Oh Holy Night Cover

​​ ‘Tis the season for Christmas carols!! Here is Mimi and I covering Oh Holy Night. You can see the full version on my bands Facebook HERE It’s always a good time recording with Mimi! 🙂 We had a lot of fun together.  Please let me know if you have any Christmas song requests….we will […]