Our New Songwriting Project! 

Recently Facebook has really been cracking down on pulling down “copyright infringements” from artists pages. This includes cover versions of songs. This has really been affecting us, because we have been forced to take down covers that we worked really hard on-some with close to a million views! They’re threatening to block us from our account if we continue to post covers-they even restricted me from posting on Facebook for a week! They haven’t worked out a deal with the publishing companies(like YouTube has over the years) and so now artists aren’t able to keep up videos-even old ones. 

This has been an extremely frustrating bump in the road. Covers are a great way to get exposure and gain new followers. However irritating this has been though, we are determined to find new ways to continue to grow our page. We are less than 100 away from 10,000 followers! A huge milestone for us. So we of course need to keep posting content. 

Mimi-my 16 yr old sister and the singer of our sibling band-came up with a really great project idea. She said we should come up with original songs, and the lyrics should be related to something currently huge or important to pop culture. This way, we can write about things people care about, and hopefully this inspires people to share our videos, thus growing our following. We both decided to go for it, as soon as possible. We will come up with a pop culture staple to talk about, I’ll write a song, Mimi will learn it, and then we will record a video for Facebook. Because it will be original content, Facebook can’t complain. 

I’ve actually toyed with a similar idea before. I’ve written songs that I never really show anyone, they’re more like journals entries, about things I hear in the news. But I never really planned on showing those types of songs to people. They were always just for me, and I was always afraid of being judged. But when Mimi came up with this great idea of using original songs to grow our fan base, I totally understood how it could help. We both decided it was something we should move forward with quickly. I’m glad Mimi created and spoke up about her idea. I really think this will be a fun project for her and I to work on together. 

The first theme we decided to go with is Disneys Moana. Mimi is a huge Disney fan, and the movie had only been out for a week, but was already a huge success. I’d actually never seen the movie when I wrote the song! I spent a lot of time researching the movie, watching trailers, and listening to the soundtrack(All while trying to avoid spoilers!)  Then I worked on the song for two days. When it was finished, I sent the lyrics and a voice memo of the song to Mimi so she could learn it. The deadline we set for ourselves was Tuesday, so she spent a few days practicing. We planned outfits and I thought up a way to decorate our backdrop.

On Tuesday we recorded the first video of us performing an original pop culture reference song! We had so much fun. Mimi and I both worked very hard, and we were both very proud of the outcome. 

I edited the video, and uploaded it to both Facebook and YouTube. Now we are sharing and promoting it. 

If you want to check out our video, you can watch it here 🙂 

Anyways I just wanted to tell you all about this exciting next phase of our music. As a songwriter, puting your words and ideas out in the public is always a little scary! My songs are like my little babies and I’m very protective of them. But I’m glad Mimi encouraged the both of us to move forward with this plan. It feels good! I’m happy to finally post original music. I hope you are all excited to hear what’s to come! 

Love always, Keiko


2 thoughts on “Our New Songwriting Project! 

  1. This is a huge milestone in your life that you will accomplish to the fullest because your passionate for the music you do! I as well as everyone else has 200% faith in what you guys do and we love you. Keep fighting the fight!!


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