A Life Update

Hi everyone, I wanted to give a little life update on some of the things that have been going on in my life lately. I posted a youtube video about it recently, but I wanted to elaborate a little here on my blog.   My life has been pretty crazy lately. It’s a little bit […]

My Band’s New Single Forever Is Out NOW! 

Aaaah! We are so excited to announce that our new single FOREVER dropped!  FOREVER is a fun, upbeat song that is perfect for jamming out to in the upcoming summer months! For us, the song really encompasses the moments that you never want to end….and the friendships that you want to last forever! Especially with […]

Letting Perfectionism Stop You 

When I was younger, my dad bought me this red tee-shirt that read “I’m not perfect, but I’m so close….it’s scary”. He said it reminded him of me, because I was such a perfectionist. I was 7. He was right.  Fast forward 15 years and I’m the same exact person. I’ve always described myself as […]