Erin Condren 2018 Life Planner Review

I am so genuinely excited to share my review of the brand new 2018 Erin Condren Life Planner with you!! I was blown away by the quality of this new life planner, and all of the beautiful new planner goodies that you can purchase alongside it. As a self declared planner girl, I love all thing planners, stickers, and paper. But there is something extremely special about an Erin Condren Life Planner. Maybe it is the bright colors and beautiful patterns that Erin artfully designs into her products. Maybe it is the beautiful packaging. Perhaps it is the amazing level of quality that Erin and her team uphold themselves to. I don’t know. All I know, is that when you receive a package from EC, you feel every ounce of love that was put into her products.

I first met Erin Condren at an event back in 2013 . My little sister sang the national anthem at a game for the LA Galaxy, where she was promoting her products. We met her again at the Women in Entertainment Award in Los Angeles in 2014. My band performed that afternoon and she congratulated us. She, and her team, were very kind and supportive. Every time we have met Erin, she has been kind, engaging, and has had a wonderful energy about her.

If you have ever heard her story, you know the amazing work that she has put in to be the success she is today.  From starting up several companies, almost losing her home, to raising twins while running a business from home… She doesn’t let anything get in the way of her goals. Ever since she was young, failure had never an option to her. That has always been inspiring to me. She is an amazing and hardworking woman, and she is someone that you just genuinely want to root for.

Erin and her team recently sent my sisters and I an amazing care package of her brand new products to review. However, I must point out that this will 100% be my honest opinion.  I am not being paid for this review. If any of you are interested in purchasing a Life Planner, but haven’t decided to go for it yet, I hope this review helps you to to decide. Let’s get into the review!

(Erin Condren packages are the happiest of mail! Such a joy to see on your front porch)

First of all, I have to state that there are plenty of reasons for which you could use a Life Planner. The planner community is huge right now, and growing! But you don’t have to be super involved in the world of stickers, page flags, and washi tape for a planner to help you be more productive. Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, Mom (or Dad!), student, or anything else, you can use a planner to help you organize your life and reach your goals!

The really amazing thing about Erin Condren’s planners, are that they are very customizable to fit your life!

This year you have even more choices!

  • Classic Interchangeable Life Planner. These classic covers are laminated, and removable! There are plenty of gorgeous new designs this year to choose from! You can also design your own collage or photo designs! Starts from 55$
  • Luxe Letterpress Life Planner. Features a gorgeous faux leather(otherwise known as vegan leather) permanent cover. You can choose sapphire, taupe, or gray color. Starts from 65$
  • Brand new hardbound Life Planner! These planners are more beautiful than I expected! They are so gorgeous, sleek, and a perfect size to fit in a bag from a girl on the go! Comes in a 5×8 or 8×10 size. Comes in turquoise, black, cherry blossom, and taupe color. Starts at 30$.

Erin Condren’s website describes the customization of her planners in this way:

“Classic never goes out of style. It’s the best-selling coiled book with a completely customizable look! Build your book just how you want it and find the style that fits your life. Choose between weekly planning layouts, embrace a color scheme, customize your cover & coil; there are just so many ways to plan your days!


  • — Customize Your Cover with Color Choices, & Personalization
  • — Three Planning Layouts: Horizontal, Vertical & Hourly
  • — Neutral or Colorful Color Scheme
  • — 12-Month or 18-Month Calendar Options
  • — Coil Options in Black, Rose Gold, Gold & Platinum”



I received a gorgeous grey faux leather Life Planner, with gold coil and my initials on the front. I absolutely love it! It looks so classy and professional. The thing that I just can’t get over about the 2018 upgrade is the new paper makeover!!!! It is 80# paper stock. Your pens, markers, and ink will not bleed through as you plan your day, doodle, etc. All you have to do is look at this planner, and you can feel the quality!

The planner includes a perpetual calendar that you can throw in your bag and take with you to jot down dates.

There’s is a thick cardstock folder in the back of the planner

The 18 month planner is full of inspirational quotes to keep you going!

My sister Ella received this hardbound cherry blossom planner. It is so pretty, it has me wondering if I need another planner in my life… (The answer is always yes haha)

My youngest sisters Mimi and bo-Pah chose the classic interchangeable life planner! They both are stunning! So cute and I love that you can change the cover any time you’d like!

**A note about the price** I have seen some people comment that these planners cost too much money. In my opinion, the price is well worth it. These planners are so amazingly crafted. They are hand coiled, made in America, and will last you much longer than the 18 months that you will use that planner for. The paper is amazing quality, with no bleed through. They will not fall apart, and you will not randomly lose important pages. Erin is also one of the original creative planner enthusiasts,  and she entered the planner game before big name brands started to recreate her product for less money. I believe that it is important to support strong women and entrepreneurs.

Ok, now lets get into one of my favorite parts about the planner world… Planner accessories!

Every accessory is amazing quality. Colorful, fun, and bright!

This is my third Erin Condren sticker book, and I absolutely love them! The stickers are so gorgeous and work for so many occasions.

I love these markers! They are dual tip…there is a fine tip on one side and a medium tip on the other. These are the pastel markers shown, but I own the bright markers as well! They write and draw very smoothly. The colors are beautiful!

How cute! This pouch, dubbed the Planny Pack, is so useful! You can slip the elastic band around the planner and then use it to stash your planner accessories inside!

Compliment cards….what a sweet idea! They are meant to randomly be handed to to life the spirits of strangers or friends!


Whew! If you made it this far, we are near the end! I hope that this review was helpful to you! I am very passionate about planners, and I can be very picky about what sort of planner I use. But again and again, Erin Condren raises the bar and meets my expectations. I lead a very busy life, and anything that I can do to help organize my brain is a good thing~ If you have never tried an EC planner before, I heartily suggest that you do! 🙂

Love always, Keiko

Have you used any of Erin Condren’s amazing products before? What do you think? Are you interested in trying out the new 2018 Life Planner? Please leave your comments and questions below! 




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