The Way Chopping Bangs In My Hair Changed My Outlook On Life

Ok, so the title for this blog might be a little bit dramatic. But it isn’t wrong…. Changing up your hair can and does change up your life.

A lot of girls and women change their hair after a big change occurs in their lives. Scientists say that this is a way for a woman to feel in control of a small part of their lives when their world otherwise seem out of control. That’s why after a breakup, or after becoming a new mom, or after losing or getting a new job, women want to get a haircut or change their hair color.

For a while, I was wearing my hair in its natural, huge, curly state. And I loved it for a long time. It felt easy, it felt natural, it felt unique. However, after a while I got bored of the same old wash and go routine. So I decided to change things up in a huge way… I cut off about 8-10 inches of hair, went from dark brown to blonde, and started wearing it straight.

When I first went into the salon, I was worried that I might regret such a drastic change. Surprisingly, I didn’t regret it at all! I loved it from the moment I saw it at didn’t go back. I was afraid I would feel less feminine with my hair shorter. I didn’t. I actually felt more confident because I felt like short hair matched my personality better. I was also afraid of disappointing my dad, who loved that I wore my hair naturally curly. (I got most of my curls from him, he always pointed out) I have to admit that he wasn’t entirely pleased at first. I had to keep reminding myself that I didn’t style my hair for him, that I did it for me. Eventually, he came around and loved it too.

Another 10 months or so later, I decided I needed another change. I decided I wanted bangs! They’re cute and retro, and very French. I started making Pinterest boards of my favorite styles…. Some of my inspiration included Selena Gomez’s recent sparse bangs, Zoe Deschanel, and Brigitte Bardot. The next thing I knew, I had a pair of scissors in my hand, a youtube video titled “How To Cut Your Own Bangs” playing on my laptop, and there was hair in the sink.

I cut some sparse fringe that night and I have loved my bangs ever since. They feel very “me”. I can’t explain it, but they match where I am in my life right now.

My  bangs have also encouraged me to see things differently… (and not only because they sort of block my vision haha) They have made me look differently at myself. I’m less concerned if people like my hair. Who cares. I like it. It’s just hair. It’ll grow back. Something about cutting my hair short and cutting my own bangs made me braver. (I know, I’m so dramatic haha!)  I’m way more willing to experiment with my look. I’m a bit more ok with just dressing to be the weird quirky dorky vintage-y chick that I am. Having hair that feels like myself has encouraged me to feel more like myself.

I’m the type of person who rarely decides to do something for myself, purely because I want to. Changing my hair is one of the first things I’ve done where I haven’t spent hours overthinking if someone else will like it. Of course I have my insecure moments. But I really love my bangs right now- and I don’t need your approval about it!

What about you guys? Have you ever changed up your style in a major way? How has it affected your life? (In a small or big way) Let me know in the comments!



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