Starting College!

Growing up, education was always of upmost importance to my family. It was both heavily enforced and encouraged to learn something new everyday. I remember being stopped in my tracks by my father, who would then tell my sister and I to stop whatever we were doing and go watch a documentary on PBS about WWII. My mama taught us art and how to use oil pastels and helped us find our singing voices. When we got into trouble, a common punishment was to have to copy pages of a dictionary. My dad had a passion for history, geography and politics, and would talk to us for about any one of these subjects for hours (much to my sisters and I's adolescent annoyance). My mama, a nurse, encouraged my love for psychology and the medical field. We were expected to make good marks in school, and to study hard. I was often asked what the three most important things are in our family. "God, family, and education", I would recite.

I was in public school until the 2nd grade, when my parents pulled me out in favor of homeschooling. From 3rd grade through my senior year of high school, I studied at home. There were home charter schools, virtual public schools, and independent study. I maintained a 4.0 GPA and loved learning. I was always stressed out. I am a perfectionist and hold myself to high standards. Especially after I started making money as a musician, I struggled to balance my life and stay focused. However, I knew how important education is, and I tried to make myself and my parents proud.

After high school , I took some time off so that I could focus on my music career. I signed my publishing deal with BMG right before I turned 18. My focus became building a foundation with my music and writing career.

I am now 22, and have been itching to get back into school. I value education. Learning is fun for me. Going to school is also an amazing excuse to buy notebooks and pens and paper craft supplies. Guilty pleasures! Necessities!!

I am proud to say that I am officially a full time college student! I will be going for a business major. I am in community college currently, and plan to transfer to a 4 year when the time comes. I am so excited! And nervous!

My goal now will be to balance school, work(music), family, and everything else.

10 weeks left of my 1st semester! I can do it! I've got this! (Or at least that's what I tell my nervous reflection every morning!)
Let's see how this goes, shall we?


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