My One Word Resolution for 2018

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about what I want my personal statement, or mantra, for 2018 to be. I also want to decide on a one word resolution for the New Year. I spent a lot of time watching New Years Goals videos on youtube and reading other blogs and Pinterest posts on the subject. I wanted to decide on words that I can repeat to myself daily. I wanted to find something that really has personal meaning to me. In the end, I think I settled on a statement. As for one word resolutions, in total Keiko style, I was indecisive and settled on 3.

The statement that I chose is:

“Feel the Fear and Do It Anyways”

I chose this phrase because I realized recently how much fear I hold inside of me. I have fought through fear in a lot of ways…For example, as an older teenager and young adult I worked really hard to build better social skills. As someone who was PAINFULLY shy as a young person, I had to consciously fight through the uncomfortable feelings that came with talking to strangers, doing interviews with my band, or being a part of clubs. I also really try to put myself out there, even when I am scared. Every time I publish a blog post, I get nervous. Starting my blog to begin with was something that made my stomach turn over and over.

I try to fight fear with action. But I noticed the past months that I haven’t done it enough. I am still held back by being scared. I am scared that I am not where I should be, I am scared about my future, I am scared of losing another loved one, I am scared of getting hurt, I am scared of starting new ventures and failing, I am scared of people thinking of me negatively.

In 2018, I want to be fearless. But being fearless isn’t really possible for me. I am a type-A, perfectionistic, worrier. There will always be fear. So a better mantra is to feel the fear, and do it anyways.

For my one-word resolutions, I chose:





I chose CREATE because everything I love in my life is about creating. Creating music, creating stories, creating content, creating memories with my family, creating gourmet microwavable chicken nugget meals. It is also part of my job to create! The key to being a more successful entrepreneur and musician will be in creation.

MAGIC! A youtube that I love, Kalyn Nicholson, chose magic as her word of 2018. She didn’t explain why(that I saw anyways) but for me, this goes hand in hand with my first word, create. I want to create magic. I want to stay close to anything that feels magical. I want to only spend my time on things that are magic.

I chose BREATHE because….well if you know me, you know why. I literally don’t breathe sometimes. I get so stressed that I find catch myself holding my breath. I also overthink too much. I try to control things that I can’t. I probably need this word the most. I need to relax. I need to put out calmer energy in order to receive it.

I am going to write these words on my mirror and try to reflect on them throughout the year. I’d also like to get a bracelet with these words, like this one here, to wear and remind myself. I want these words to set me on the right path for an amazing new year!

My other random goals for 2018 are:

•Read more books (Just for fun, not for class)

Wake up earlier

•Learn how to play basic piano

•Workout 5x a week

•Improve my French

•Improve my flexibility

•Try yoga

•Get all A’s

•Open an etsy store

•Post more on youtube and my blog

•Put myself first sometimes

I hope that you all enjoyed this post. Let me know, what are your goals for 2018? Do you have a one-word resolution? Or maybe you hate resolutions. Comment below! 🙂


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