7 of My Favorite Ways To Stay Positive

Staying positive in a world that is laden with negativity is not easy. It’s like trying to walk through mud and keep your shoes clean. It’s probably not going to happen unless you wrap your feet in those plastic shoe covers. And as much as I’ve seen the contraptions floating around social media, I’ve never actually seen them used in person. It’s probably easier to just go out in the mud and risk getting your shoes dirty than to take the time to put on those stupid plastic thingies. But hey if you want to keep your sneakers clean, you have to arm yourself. Wait. What am I talking about again?

Oh right, positivity. The world today is so dang negative. Every time you turn on the news, it’s a story that will probably ruin your night. People use social media as a way to compare and complain. We say we want to be good people on Facebook, and then forget to actually be nice to people to their faces. Jobs are tough, money is tough, navigating family drama and relationships is tough. Life itself is just plain tough sometimes. It is so very easy to drown in the negativity quicksand. I would know…I do it quite often.

I am an overthinking, self-critical, perfectionistic ball of anxiety and nerves. (I’m more fun in person than I just made myself sound, I swear…) For me, staying positive does not come naturally. You know what comes naturally? Hiding in my room all crumpled up under covers and listening to sad music and stewing in my angst. For me positivity is a skill that I work on every day.

Lately, I’ve had a lot on my shoulders. I feel like stress is just crushing in on me from all directions. I feel like the fruit ninja trying to “HIYYY-YAAAA!” negative vibes from me. But however hard it is, I refuse to give up on trying to be a happier, positive, person. Here are 7 little ways I’ve been trying to keep my head above water.

1.) Taking Care of Myself

I’ve been working out and trying to eat much healthier. Working on my fitness has given me a positive outlet for my frustration. Seeing results gives me confidence and makes me proud that at least in one area of my life, I am making changes.

2.) Journaling

I’ve always kept a journal. I usually go through waves of writing in it more or less though, and recently I’ve been trying to write more. I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed, and writing down my thoughts has always been very helpful. Journaling gives me clarity.

3.) Following Accounts That Inspire Me

I noticed that instagram was adding a lot of unnecessary negativity to my life. I tried to follow some accounts that would change my IG feed for the better. I followed fitness models who have bodies that I could actually reasonably achieve. I followed entrepreneurship and motivation pages. I deleted a bunch of people who really annoy me. Let’s be honest, we probably all get into those modes where we just scroll for unnecessary amounts of time on social media. We might as well make our feeds nicer places to visit.

4.) Reconnecting to My Faith

Honestly, since my dad passed away two years ago I’ve had a rocky relationship with God. I still believe. But I have questions that I just didn’t have before. It’s complicated. But we’re working it out. For me, reading the Bible and praying more often has helped me make progress in repairing an area of my life that (for me) helps me to remain positive and hopeful.

5.) Reading Cheesy Motivational Quotes

It’s become a daily ritual for me to go on Pinterest and scroll through motivational quotes. YES I know they can be incredibly cheesy but they make me so happy. I am slightly embarrassed to admit that my Etsy wishlist is currently full of cute bracelets with motivational phrases on them. I firmly believe that if you fill your life with positive and beautiful things (friends, words, thoughts) you can create a more positive and beautiful life.

6.) Reminding Myself Every Day That I Am Not Perfect **shudders** but I Will Be OK

Personally, I get really negative and anxious when things don’t go to plan, if I don’t have a plan, or if I can’t have a plan. I’ve been trying to tell myself that it’s ok if certain things don’t work out right. It’s ok if not everyone likes me. It’s ok if I make a few mistakes. It helps me to let go a bit.

It also helps me to forgive other people. No one is perfect. It’s ok if someone else’s life goes off the rails for a second. It’s not someone else’s personality flaw just because I don’t care for them. It’s ok for other people to make mistakes too.

7.) Keeping My Goals in Front of Me

I am obsessed with daydreaming about my future life. It helps me to stay positive because I know no matter what is going on in my life, if I work hard enough I can make that dream board on Pinterest a reality. I think about where my job will be in 5 years, having a family someday in the(hopefully very far) future, what my dream house will look like and how cool it will be when I can buy myself the things I want when I want them. I HAVE to feel like I’m going somewhere. I keep dream boards, save photos onto my phone, google fancy houses, and research entrepreneurs that I’d like to emulate one day. I do my best to keep my head in the clouds but my feet on the ground.

I am a moody, negative mess sometimes just like everyone else. But I truly believe that the harder I work to make myself a happier person, the happier I become. It’s a process. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my top 7 ways to stay positive! Tell me in the comments below, what are your favorite ways to stay positive and flush out negativity?


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