Real Talk- Fitness

So I just came back from the gym. I literally walked in the door, pulled out my computer, and started writing this blog post. I’m still in my sweaty gym clothes and old ratty trainers and I really need to take a shower. I’m also sitting on my bed, which is probably a bad choice […]

Interview with Erin Timperley, Founder of Give To Others Foundation

If you know me, you know that I’m a very emotional person. VERY. If you know my dad, you know that he constantly has the news on when we are home. I’m telling you now, those things don’t go together very well. Not lately. I love politics, and keeping up with current events. But lately […]

Great Interview for Sledge Grits Band on KFIAM 640

Hi everybody! My band and I had the absolute pleasure of being on the Mo’ Kelly Show on sunday! A great talk show on KFIAM 640 broadcast on iHeart radio. It is the largest talk radio show in the country. We were very honored to be invited on to perform! The interview was fun, and […]