Midnight Thoughts and Peppermint

It’s 12:35 am, and I’m wide awake and sipping on peppermint tea. Usually my best thoughts happen when the sun goes down, but tonight my brain just feels like a mess. I was watching a lot of music videos by one of my favorite new artists, Melanie Martinez. At only 20 years old, she is an […]

Our First Music Video

I can’t believe it! Our first ever music video is finally coming out, February 19th 2016!! Making a music video is one of those things I’d always looked forward to doing. If you dream of having a career in music, I don’t think there is one person who can say they haven’t imagined what it […]

Favorite Music 11/15/2015

I literally can’t go a day without listening to music. I’m obsessed and it’s the best possible obsession. I listen to it throughout the day, and in the car, and while brushing my teeth, and while working out, in the shower and every other chance I get. I’m like an addict, and I know my […]

My Thoughts on the American Music Award 2015

  Who watched the AMA’s this year? It really was a great show. I loved the performances, and J-Lo did a great job hosting. I loved what she said in her opening speech, about her watching the show since she was a little girl and how she is living her dream of performing and hosting […]

Great Interview for Sledge Grits Band on KFIAM 640

Hi everybody! My band and I had the absolute pleasure of being on the Mo’ Kelly Show on sunday! A great talk show on KFIAM 640 broadcast on iHeart radio. It is the largest talk radio show in the country. We were very honored to be invited on to perform! The interview was fun, and […]