Starting College!

Growing up, education was always of upmost importance to my family. It was both heavily enforced and encouraged to learn something new everyday. I remember being stopped in my tracks by my father, who would then tell my sister and I to stop whatever we were doing and go watch a documentary on PBS about […]

Filming On A Low Budget

One of the biggest mental blocks that I need to learn to overcome, is being afraid to do things because I’m scared that I won’t be as good at it as somebody else. Today I filmed 3 youtube videos for my youtube channel. This is a big deal for me… convincing myself to film when […]

A Day In My Life! 

Whew.  Today was a long day! I guess it wouldn’t seem like such a long day, if it weren’t sandwiched between a super long week and a expectantly busy tomorrow. It has been a crazy couple weeks and I am feeling pretty exhausted. Accomplished, but also in desperate need of an expresso.  I woke up […]

Erin Condren 2018 Life Planner Review

I am so genuinely excited to share my review of the brand new 2018 Erin Condren Life Planner with you!! I was blown away by the quality of this new life planner, and all of the beautiful new planner goodies that you can purchase alongside it. As a self declared planner girl, I love all […]

My Band’s New Music Video Hits VEVO!

Ok guys….I’m freaking out! I’ve hardly slept, I’m just too excited! Our brand new music video for our newest single “Forever” just launched on VEVO. And hold on a second….not only that. The video was premiered on the front page of VIBE Magazine . We are so excited to have such an amazing feature on such a […]

A Life Update

Hi everyone, I wanted to give a little life update on some of the things that have been going on in my life lately. I posted a youtube video about it recently, but I wanted to elaborate a little here on my blog.   My life has been pretty crazy lately. It’s a little bit […]

My Band’s New Single Forever Is Out NOW! 

Aaaah! We are so excited to announce that our new single FOREVER dropped!  FOREVER is a fun, upbeat song that is perfect for jamming out to in the upcoming summer months! For us, the song really encompasses the moments that you never want to end….and the friendships that you want to last forever! Especially with […]

Letting Perfectionism Stop You 

When I was younger, my dad bought me this red tee-shirt that read “I’m not perfect, but I’m so close….it’s scary”. He said it reminded him of me, because I was such a perfectionist. I was 7. He was right.  Fast forward 15 years and I’m the same exact person. I’ve always described myself as […]

Acting Headshots 

Hi guys! I just wanted to take a second to show you guys my new acting headshots. I’m so excited to have finally gotten them done! It was actually a very fun experience. I was pretty stressed out before I went….I had woken up late, and I was running behind. And I haven’t taken professional […]


Hi! I’m absolutely in love with this striped dress and comfy cardigan from Runway Seven. We were Christmas shopping at the mall and taking photos for our Christmas card, and so I wanted to be comfy but still feel cute! This was perfect. The dress is such great quality and the cardigan is oversized but […]